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    Roam Honey


    Small batch No. 1 Golden Raw Honey from the Bees of Roam.

    Both Spring and Summer varieties available with their own unique flavours. 

    In the early Spring, the Bees of Roam take full advantage of their creekside grassy hilltop perched beside a valley full of fresh Apple blooms and Maple tree flowers. They zip to nearby fields full of spring dandelions, the beginning of the red and white clover blooms and many other spring wildflowers on the land nearby. At the end of June, they graciously shared a very fine Spring Honey. Smooth on the start, a turn to floral and maple undertones and then finishing with the utter sweet satisfaction of spring sunlight in physical form. 

    Then, as Roam revs up for the season, the Bee's enjoy the thousands of varieties of nectars and pollen from Roam Flora's flower fields (constantly abuzz!) less than 100m away. Although July is a drier, slower time for nectar in the wild nearby, they do find sweet clovers & thistles, and fragrant yellow basswood tree flowers coming into full bloom. The Bees also welcome the many Dahlia types at Roam that begin to blossom, although not all of them prove juicy and by mid-August, the wild nectar rush is on again! With more than enough time to build their winter stores, the Bees shared a lovely Summer Honey in early September.  Golden but clean like the sun in the blue sky on the start, floral notes emerge quickly to bring on the sweet taste of summer.  Finishing smoothly, find yourself resoundingly impressed by Bees in general.

    Honey is available for pick up at the Flower Hut in the City (Ottawa) or we can ship it Canada wide.