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Dried Floral Box

All season long we harvest floral & foliage from the fields of Roam and dry them in the eaves of our workshop before carefully storing them. We now have an amazing collection that we are excited to share with you.

Each box is packed with a beautiful collection of long lasting dried floral and foliage. Use these boxes to create! The options for DIY dried floral projects are endless - wreaths, bouquets, craft projects, centrepieces, wedding decor, dioramas and more! 

What's included: 

- At least 8 varieties of dried flowers and foliage.

- At least 100 stems. Stem lengths will vary based on the plant but for the most part they are long. They range from 12 to 28 inches. 

- Packaged lovingly in a large box 29 inches long, 16 inches wide, 5 inches deep. Ready to use or to gift. 

- A list of what varieties are included in your box. 

Shipping info: Dried floral boxes can be shipped Canada wide! At this time we do not offer local pick up - sorry for any inconvenience. 

Please note each floral box will vary - the photos are just an example of what we have dried and sample bundles. If there's a colour(s) in particular you're wishing for please include a note at check out - no guarantee but we will do our best. Please note we cannot fill the box with only one type of floral or foliage - each box will always be a mix.