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Celosia Seed

Open pollinated Celosia seed- all grown at Roam Flora!

Celosia is an amazingly prolific cut flower. It's a fun feather-like bloom that is a fantastic filler for bouquets fresh or dry. This open pollenated mix will provide you with a mix of colour and styles. 

Each seed packet has approximately 100 seeds.

Plant Height: 3-4 feet, a mix of colours.


Seeds will ship out as the orders are received. Shipping time: 6-10 business days 

Seed orders are shipped out via regular mail for a flat fee of $4.

Local pick up now available at The Flower Hut in the city.The Flower Hut located on Duncan Place off of Maitland, just south of Carling. Duncan is a very short dead end street - you can't miss the Flower Hut. Click here to learn more.

PLEASE NOTE: We only ship our seeds within Canada


Start indoors 6-8 weeks before your last frost date. Use heat mats and grow lights for best results. When planting out your seedlings plant them deep - leave their leaves just exposed. They will root along the stem, strengthening lanky seedlings. Celosia are heat lovers so plant a bit later when the soil is warm to keep the plants extra happy. 

Plant spacing: 9 inch apart in full sun (at least 6 hours a day) for best results.

Pinch top shoot after 4 sets of leaves to encourage branching and more blooms.

ENJOY! And be sure to tag @RoamFlora to share your Celosia seed growing experience!