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    Snow Crystal

    In the spring the last thing we all want is snow, but this is a snowflake I'm ok with. This fringe tulip is a bit shorter than the others we grow but the bloom definitely makes up for that. It looks like a peony or garden rose but the edges of the petals are fringed which makes each bloom the most exquisite explosion of texture. 

    Sold in packages of 20 bulbs. 

    Colour: White and cream

    Height: 14 inches

    Bulb size: 12+

    Bloom time: Late-Spring

    Planting depth: 6 inches 

    Sun requirements: Full to partial sun 

    Time to plant: Fall (Late September to mid-October) 

    Please note: Orders will start to ship or be ready for pick-up around September 21st - we will try to get orders out as quickly as possible. You will be notified when your order has been shipped or is ready for pick up. Thank you so much!