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    Foxy Foxtrot

    Foxy Foxtrot not only has a fun name, but it also produces stunning double petal blooms that start out pale yellow with a touch of green on the outer petals and transition to peach as they mature. Very Foxy!

    Sold in packages of 10 bulbs. 

    Colour: pale yellow to peach. The colour changes as the flower ages.

    Height: 14 inches

    Bulb size: 12+

    Bloom time: Early-Spring

    Planting depth: 6 inches 

    Sun requirements: Full to partial sun 

    Time to plant: Fall (mid-October) 


    Please read before you purchase:

    We can only ship our bulbs within Canada.

    All orders will start to ship or be ready for pick-up in early October - we will try to get orders out as quickly as possible. You will be notified when your order has been shipped or is ready for pick up.

    If for some reason we don't receive a variety due to supply issues we will issue you a gift card for that amount. No refunds.

    Thank you so much!