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    Harvest & Create: Centrepiece

    Learn how to harvest for and create a gorgeous and organic looking centrepiece.  This skill is an easy and fun one to learn and can be used over and over again to make arrangements for dinner parties, celebrations, or just for fun; if there's one thing to learn how to do with flowers, it's the Centrepiece. 

    This workshop will start with instruction on both harvesting and designing and then you will have time to put your new knowledge to use. You will wander the fields picking the flowers and foliage that speak to you and then use them to create your very own beautiful centrepiece.  All you need to bring is;

    - Floral snips if you have a favourite pair. If you don't, no worries! We have a pair you can borrow. 

    - Gear to match the weather: Water bottle, hat, sunscreen, rain coat etc.

    - Please wear shoes (No sandals please)

    All other supplies will be provided.

    Come once or come back each month and hone your skills! Each month is so different. Our fields are always changing as new flowers start to bloom and older ones begin to fade. A centrepiece made in June will be completely unique from one created in September. Come learn about local flowers through the seasons, how many unique varieties, colours and textures there are; and how to best utilize each flower's strengths for unbelievably beautiful Centrepieces. 

    This workshop runs in the morning because flowers prefer to be picked in the early hours of the day. Start your day off right with time to be creative, surrounded by nature. Come and experience the serene magic of a flower farm. 


    Farm Location:

    107 Mantil Side Road, off of Upper Dwyer Hill Road. We are at the very end of the road and you can't see our farm from Upper Dwyer so just keep driving :)  



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