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    August is our favourite month. The days are hot but nights start to cool down and we always seem to get the most dreamy sunsets. The flowers are in full swing but the super bright vibrant palette of July starts to transition into moodier tones as we creep towards the fall. 

    Flowers to look forward to: zinnia, cosmos, celosia, amaranthus, gomphrena, verbena, strawflower, rudbeckia, statice, nigella, lace flower, the start of dahlias and so much more!


    Type of Subscription: 

    Bouquet - A mix of flowers and foliage beautifully designed into a bouquet and wrapped in paper. 

    DIY Bucket - A mix of flowers and foliage, approximately 40-45 stems of what's most magnificent in our fields that week. A range of colours, textures and types. 


    This Subscription starts: August 3rd, 4th or 5th depending one which day you choose to pick up. This subscription will run for 4 consecutive weeks. Looking to pick up every second week? Why not share this subscription with a friend or family member.


    Please select City or Farm for your pick up location.

    City Pick up: The Flower Hut - located on Duncan Place off of Maitland ave, one block south of Carling. Pick up on the day you selected anytime between 8 am and 7 pm, there is a code for the door of this climate controlled unattended hut. 

    Farm Pick up: Roam Flora- 107 Mantil Side Road, off of Upper Dwyer Hill Road in between March rd and Panmure rd. Pick up window is on the day you selected from 10 am to 3 pm.

    Pick up day
    Bouquet or DIY Bucket?