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    Flower Subscriptions

    Enjoy local blooms from the farm all summer long with Roam's floral subscriptions. Tuesday through Friday pickups at the flower hut. 

    Bouquets: Beautiful bouquets that showcase what is most magnificent in the fields each week. Carefully arranged and wrapped in paper, we hydrate for the trip using a compostable hydrating stem wrap. These bouquets are as fresh & local as you can get! 

    DIY floral buckets: Each bucket has 40-50 stems of gorgeous blooms and foliage for you to arrange however you wish. A selection of what is finest in the fields each week for you to enjoy and brighten your space. 

    Available Subscriptions:

    Weekly (12 weeks) 

    Bi-weekly (6 weeks) 

    Alternate Bi-weekly (the other 6 weeks)

    Monthly (4 weeks)

    * PLEASE NOTE: Exact start dates are subject to adjustment based on the season. If there is in any alteration to the date you will be notified by email. Thank you. 


    All Subscriptions are pick-up only from our City Flower Hut- located on Duncan Place off of Maitland ave one block south of Carling. Pick up on the day you selected anytime between 8 am and 7 pm.